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Why Invest in Bahria Town Karachi 2021 ?

As you live in a civilization that adheres to international standards, you will never have to go through the load-shedding phase because there are no power outages in this location. If you live there, you will have access to an uninterrupted power supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a well-maintained and functional sewerage system.

As a result, there are no sanitation or sewerage issues for the residents of this wonderful community. Another advantage to visit Karachi is that you may enjoy heavy rains without having to worry about the resulting stagnant water or flooding. Life at Bahria Town Karachi will certainly be pleasant, and you will like it.

Reasonably priced:

There is no doubt that properties like houses or plots for sale in this mega town are economical. In addition, there are lots of affordable and luxurious properties available in different price ranges. For example, a 125 square yard plot is available in 25 lacs but also 50 lacs.

Likewise, a 250 square yard plot will set you back about 40 lacs and is also available for 78 lacs. Thus, you can easily buy a plot for sale according to your budget and requirements.

Reliable Security :

Bahria Town Karachi is the most peaceful and lovely neighbourhood in the city. This neighbourhood provides security to its residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure that everything is in order, modern security systems such as CCTV cameras and well-trained security guards have been deployed. These enhanced security measures give everyone with the safety and peace of mind they desire.

Healthy Lifestyle:

The town is brimming with activities and gorgeous green parks. It is also a great, clean, and environmentally friendly residential complex. The community also features a well-functioning cleaning system. Furthermore, gorgeous gardens, a large variety of plants and trees, and stunning landscapes give attractiveness to this town and help to create a heart-winning, healthy environment.

Why is this a fantastic opportunity to purchase a plot of land for sale?

This cutting-edge city is a haven of elegance and flair, with the best business and residential locations available for investment and lifestyle. Each block here transforms contemporary into leisure, allowing you to live a more hopeful existence in a tranquil setting.


Bahria Town Karachi is the most well-known real estate brand. This beautiful gated community provides a modern and affluent living with a variety of amenities and services for its members. As a result, it has established a standard for all other societies to follow.

People from all across Pakistan, whether from the elite or middle classes, are flocking here because of the unrivalled lifestyle and sophisticated yet quiet surroundings. People are moving in, but many large investors are interested in its different projects and real estate.

Budget-friendly luxurious life:

To live a rich life in this town, you do not need to have a large budget; instead, you can live a lavish life at a little cost. Even if the entire cost of the house is not too expensive, you can purchase your ideal home in manageable payments.

Such modest houses are accessible in sizes ranging from 120 to 130 square yards, and these available sizes are good for investment purposes. Spending or spending your money in tiny dynamic initiatives rather than investing it all in one location is preferable. So, for investors looking to make minor investments, this Karachi neighbourhood is suitable.

Different pricing for the same plot size:

Because Karachi is separated into various blocks, we may readily discover plots for sale ranging from 120 to 130 square yards. However, there is one thing you should be aware of: each plot of the same size in various blocks has a varied pricing. This price fluctuation is determined by other areas, plot demand, and the development state of the area.

These locations in Bahria Town Karachi provide good investment prospects, with plot sizes ranging from 120 to 130 square yards. It’s because of the wonderful location and inexpensive prices, as well as the abundance of great commercial centres nearby. With these considerations in mind, one can make investments that will yield unrivalled profits and provide excellent prospects.



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3 Best Tips for Investing In Bahria Town Real Estate

Monopoly houses on coins

When looking for the best real estate in Bahria Town, a property that can sell later for a good price, the following guidelines and tips can help you make an informed decision:

  1. Determine Tax Benefits

Government officials want private investors to buy and sell housing for citizens because if they don’t, the state will be responsible for providing it. This results in impressive tax benefits that you can avail, such as depreciation write-offs. In other words, when you buy a property that covers an entire building, you can write off the depreciation value of the said building as a tax deduction.

You can enjoy this benefit for 27 years in the case of residential properties and almost 40 years in the case of commercial property. Still, consulting with a tax advisor for specific details regarding benefits is advised. Since these investments are seen as a business, you can benefit from other deductions as well, such as for insurance, maintenance charges, and interest on mortgage.

  1. Check Your Credit Report

If you are a novice investor, chances are you will need to borrow money to purchase the best real estate in Bahria Town. However, no bank will lend you the money if your credit report is questionable or has problems. To prevent this from happening, check the report and resolve issues beforehand, especially mistakes. This measure will also improve your credit.

Keep in mind that banks are not very willing to lend money for properties that will not be used as primary residences since their loans are for properties that are meant to be homes. In other words, if the former is the case, your credit report has to be pristine to convince them that you are reliable enough to be trusted.

  1. Use the 1% Rule

If you wish to buy properties to rent out to tenants, determine whether they are worth the price you are willing to pay for them by using the 1% Rule.

It’s simple. According to this rule, a property that is meant to generate income should produce at least 1% of the amount you paid for it each month. That way, you can earn back the money you paid for the house sooner rather than later and ensure a healthy ROI.

Allow NB Real Estate to Find the Best Property for You

Nasreen Bilal is a leader in the real estate business and has worked for a number of high-end clients by helping them find lucrative investment and luxury properties. This includes foreign investors who are in search of commercial and upscale real estate. Find out more by dialing 0334 2077116.


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Features of a Great House in Bahria Town

Bahria Town Villa


If you are stuck in your house search, you have come to the right place! Buying a house is a lengthy and challenging process. There are plenty of things you need to consider before making your final decision.

Your real estate agent probably showed you plenty of listings and took you to a few open houses. So, why haven’t you found your dream house yet? Sometimes, a property just clicks with you and lets you know that it’s the one. Other times, you have to evaluate from top to bottom and far to decide if it’s the right fit for you and your family.

Below are the features of an Bahria Town real estate that makes it a great buy:

1.     The Neighborhood

Finding a house in a good neighborhood is extremely important. Imagine living near a university and mingling with a pool of students? Most of them would be renting the apartments or condos right next to you, creating a ruckus you won’t be able to handle. If you are a family man, choose a neighborhood that has an active community and like-minded people. Bahria Town is a prime example of one such community where you can have peace of mind.

This brings us to the second feature.

2.     Schools

Even if you are not a family man, think about the future. If you are planning to have a family in the next few years, choose a neighborhood that has a good schooling district. You will be happy to know that such nearby facilities increase the value of the house and allow you to sell it later with a nice profit.

3.     Amenities

Before making a final decision, why not tour the neighborhood? Does it have amenities such as restaurants, gyms, parks, movie theaters, and other such perks? If yes, you have hit the jackpot.

4.     Crime Rate

Most people don’t pay any attention to a neighborhood’s crime rate. To ensure your family’s, check the online data for crime in the area. Check the frequency of petty and serious crimes and vandalism in the area. Do pay attention to whether the crime rate is increasing or decreasing.

5.     Number of Available Listings

The vacancy rate of a neighborhood affects the price of a house and so does the job market. If the vacancy rate is low and a new company has moved into the area, you will see the prices hike up. This also depends on seasonal change. Make sure to find out whether it’s the former or the latter, causing the housing prices to increase. Remember, if you plan to sell your house in the future, this feature will help you determine the correct asking price.

A few other features that affect a house’s position include the frequency of natural disasters in the area, future development plans, and property taxes. Pay more attention to the features mentioned above, and you will find your dream house in no time.

The one place that meets all the criteria above is Bahria Town. It seems to have become one of the prime examples of peaceful family environments in the country.

If you are looking for affordable house listings, visit the NB Real Estate page. Consult with their professional Bahria Town realtor to find out what type of Bahria Town real estate you would qualify for. For further information, call 0304 1113223.


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How to Negotiate Like a Pro

Bahria Town Realtors

So, after years of saving, you have finally decided to sell your house and buy a bigger one in a better neighborhood. First of all, congratulations!

We know how difficult it can be to sell a house that you are emotionally attached to. There are just too many memories and leaving them all behind can cause you to make a mistake during the sale. A potential buyer might back off after the first visit or things might not settle between you and him during the closing. There are plenty of reasons for the buyer doing this. So, before something like this happens, why not learn the tricks to negotiate like a pro to lock in the buyer?

Below are five ways on how to negotiate like a pro for your Bahria Town real estate:

1.     Set the Price Right

From the get-go, price your house right! You probably have a figure in mind that you are planning to write in the listing. Keep in mind that the price tag you put on the house should not be based on how much you want but on how much the house is worth. So, look at the comps in the neighborhood, factor in your luxury feature, and then set the asking price.

2.     Do Not Reject Low Offers

Most homeowners reject the first offer in hopes of getting better ones in the future. A house rarely gets multiple offers unless it’s in a prime real estate location. So, if the first offers seem lowball to you, don’t reject them immediately and think it over.

3.     Have a Backup Plan

If your house doesn’t get the kind of offer you were hoping for, that’s not the end of it. The home inspection might have revealed a few flaws you don’t have the budget to fix. In case something like this happens, have a backup plan. You can either reduce the asking price or offer incentives, such as home insurance or electronic items in the kitchen.

4.     Be Realistic

Taking a lowball offer is better than having no offer at all… wouldn’t you agree? So, when an offer comes in after a while, consider it carefully. Perhaps, this is the best offer you could get. The more time your house will spend on the market, the fewer offers it will receive! This is because potential buyers might assume that there’s something wrong with it, which is why it’s not selling.

5.     Price with Un-Even Number

If your house’s appraisal reveals that it’s worth PKR 40,000,000, make its price an un-even number instead of pricing is exactly that. For example:

PKR 40,000,000

PKR 42,500,000

PKR 41,435,543

These numbers show the buyer that you have calculated every last rupee and put much thought into pricing your house. Such pricing creates a good first impression and tells the buyer you care about the house.

And that’s how you remove your emotional self from the home selling process and negotiate like a pro! Want someone to help you with the process? For quality Bahria Town real estate, you need to consult a professional realtor. To get in touch with one, visit NB Real Estate or call on 0304 1113223.

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3 Guidelines for Selling High-End Properties in Bahria Town

Mansion with a large fountain

Selling a luxurious home in Bahria Town or other high-end locations is different than selling a low-priced property in a low-income location. To ensure you get the high-end price your property deserves, here are some guidelines that should be part of your strategy:

  1. Create a Psychological Buyer Profile

The first thing you need to determine is the type of buyers you can expect. Luxury property usually attracts affluent individuals and families, which is a small niche in the market. Trying to widen your chances by attracting those who cannot afford the price you are asking for will be a waste of time. The longer the property remains on the market, the lower its value.

Determine your ideal buyer by asking yourself a few questions. Are you selling to families? What are the unique selling points of the house that they would like? Is it close to schools, restaurants, and shops? The answers will help attract potential buyers who may be willing to make an offer immediately.

  1. Determine the Right Price

Contrary to popular belief, a luxurious home in Bahria Town does not have to sell at the highest price you can get for it. A good rule of thumb is to ensure the price remains competitive, i.e., comparable to other lavish properties in the area.

While expensive properties usually remain on the market longer compared to the non-luxury variety, the competitive pricing will attract more prospective buyers who may be looking in that price range.


  1. Work With an Experienced Luxury Realtor

Professional luxury realtors with experience in buying and selling real estate in high-end areas, such as Bahria Town, can navigate this unique niche market expertly. This includes determining the price that a particular property should be sold for, how the home should be staged, the type of buyers you should target, and how it should be advertised to appeal to said buyers.

Why You Should Opt For NB Real Estate

This is where the services of NB Real Estate come into the picture. Nasreen Bilal is a leader in the Bahria Town real estate scene and is particularly proficient in buying and selling luxury properties for investors. Some of her influential clientele include foreign investors, people from the entertainment industry, and affluent families who need to invest in upscale and commercial real estate.

NB Real Estate is the premier source for information and services pertaining to real estate In Bahria Town. Contact us by dialing 0334 2077116.

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3 Tips for Finding the Ideal Rental Home


Is this your first time looking at homes for rent in Bahria Town? The worst thing you can do at this point is to get overly excited about a property. You won’t get sufficient information from a single viewing, and you won’t be able to make an informed decision. Here are some tips that you should follow before you move into any rental home:

  1. Determine Your Budget

Before searching for a home to rent in Bahria Town, take a long look at your financials, and how much you can spend. Generally, you should not spend more than 30% of your income on housing expenditures.

If that is possible for you and you can handle your debt, grocery costs, savings, and miscellaneous costs as well, you should finalize your decision. However, keep in mind that some landlords have specific requirements when it comes to a tenant’s income.

  1. Check the Water Pressure

Most people forget to check the water pressure, only to find out later that either the house they are renting has issues related to water supply or plumbing. So, when you are going through the property for the first time, check all of the taps and showers. This includes the ones in the bathrooms and the kitchen, which may not work as well as you think they do.

If you detect a problem in the water pressure and have your heart set on the property, you can negotiate the rent before signing the agreement. If you do this after signing, you may have to pay for maintenance out of pocket but, in most cases, this falls under the landlord’s legal obligations.

Thankfully, Bahria Town and has strict rules regarding this and if you work with someone like Nasreen Bilal, you won’t face any issues.

  1. Look Over the Security Deposit

As part of moving in, you will have to set down a security deposit with the landlord. This money is meant to cover the cost of any damages caused during your stay. Find out the exact amount of that deposit and its terms, especially the one related to when your landlord can and cannot keep it.

Usually, the amount has to be returned to the tenant once they move out. For example, the landlord takes a portion to pay for a damaged staircase or broken fixtures that were in perfect condition before the tenant moved in.

Plus, make sure that there are no special provisions in the lease, which can give the landlord more power over that amount than they should have legally.

Call Nasreen Bilal

Nasreen Bilal of NB Real Estate is a leading figure in the Bahria Town real estate business and has worked with several clients who want to sell, buy, and rent out a property. If you wish to buy properties to let or want to increase your portfolio as a real estate investor, contact her by dialing 0334 2077116 or visiting her Facebook page.

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Top 3 Questions You Should Ask a Property Manager

Holding cash in front of a luxury house

If you are investing in rental properties, you can reduce your operating costs significantly and increase revenue at the same time by hiring a competent Bahria Town property manager. While you can manage properties yourself, you might lose more money than you make from the rent you receive from tenants. An expert professional who knows how to communicate with them and ensure regular maintenance can help you earn more.

Of course, any manager won’t do. To ensure you choose one that you don’t regret hiring, ask each potential candidate the following questions:

  1. How Can You Improve Cash Flow For My Properties?

In an ideal world, every tenant would pay rent on time, and you can get the best repair deals from every vendor you approach. Unfortunately, the reality is harsher. Even if you think you have the best pricing from a vendor, someone else may offer the same services for a lower price, or renters may fall behind on their rent multiple times a year.

A competent and experienced property manager will not allow things to come to this point by taking all the required steps. These steps include ensuring that each tenant pays the rent on time, controlling expenses by forging relationships with reliable vendors, and ensuring that your properties generate steady cash flow.

  1. Do You Have a Team?

A successful and efficient Bahria Town property manager should have several staff members who can handle grunt work or streamline the services on offer. The more people they have, the better, especially if your properties are spread out across Bahria Town or are numerous.

Of course, even a large team can prove to be incompetent if the members do not have sufficient training or expertise in property management. Make sure that you ask about their credentials and their role in the company so you can get a good idea as to how your assets will be managed.

  1. What Is Your Fee Structure?

In most cases, the amount paid to Bahria Town property managers is based on the rental income that comes from the properties under their care. However, the amount also includes additional charges, such as for maintenance markups, emergency services, finding tenants, evictions, court charges, etc.

To make sure that their clients don’t end up paying for services they don’t need, a reliable property manager will outline a clear fee structure in writing and make it part of the management contract.

Get the Best Property Management Service from NB Real Estate

Nasreen Bilal is well-prepared to be the first line of defense for property owners and investors in Bahria Town. As your go-to service for tenant dispute resolutions and reliable maintenance services, our goal is to ensure our relationship with clients is as transparent and efficient as possible. Call us now at 0334 2077116


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