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House Construction in Bahria Town Karachi 2021 By NB Real Estate Builders & Developers.

Bahria Town is one of Pakistan’s most fascinating living communities, offering a complete living experience. However, not everyone has the necessary skills to construct a home on their own. Only 20% of Bahria town is made up of Bahria residences, which are built by them and then sold to the general public. The remaining 80% of the total area of the community is made up of residential and commercial properties. As a result, numerous building companies in Karachi are developing the rest of the region. NB Estate and Builders provides residential construction services and is renowned as one of the leading Bahria town construction companies in order to assist individuals in developing the home of their dreams.

Everyone wishes to acquire a home in Karachi’s Bahria Town. The reason for this is Bahria town’s ultra-modern lifestyle and countless amenities for its citizens. However, if you are planning to build a property in Bahria Town Karachi, you will need to adhere to a number of Bahria Town laws. There are a variety of residential plots available, ranging in size from small to large. There are plots available in sizes of 125 square yards, 250 square yards, 500 square yards, and 1000 square yards. Apart from them, there are other plots of 3000 square yards and numerous residential structures. Some of Bahria Town Karachi’s bylaws are as follows:

1:The only window frames that will be used are those made of aluminium.
2:The building’s height should not exceed 30 feet.
3:The garage will be levelled to an 8-inch depth.
4:Porch size should not exceed 380 square feet.
5:Once completed, the roof’s floor level should not exceed 2 feet.
6:No one is permitted to build a mumty.

Aside from these, the town of Bahria has a number other policies. Some of the policies, which are specific to a 125-square-yard plot, are as follows:

1:You will need to apply for possession when you have finished the plot payment. You must pay PKR 75,000 as a possession charge and PKR 65,000 as a utility fee for this.
2:You’ll need to conduct a soil test before beginning the construction. PKR 30,000 is charged for a soil analysis.
3:Then you must pay for the approval of the drawings. Plumbing, electric, construction, and sewerage are just a few of the topics included in these illustrations. So you’ll have to spend roughly PKR 300,000 in total before you can begin building.
4:You will receive the NOC after that.

5:You can only construct one bed on ground floor.

6:The front elevation and the material you use for the grey structure will be as per rules of Bahria town.

7:The material that you use for finishing can be as per your choice.

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