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3 Tips for Finding the Ideal Rental Home


Is this your first time looking at homes for rent in Bahria Town? The worst thing you can do at this point is to get overly excited about a property. You won’t get sufficient information from a single viewing, and you won’t be able to make an informed decision. Here are some tips that you should follow before you move into any rental home:

  1. Determine Your Budget

Before searching for a home to rent in Bahria Town, take a long look at your financials, and how much you can spend. Generally, you should not spend more than 30% of your income on housing expenditures.

If that is possible for you and you can handle your debt, grocery costs, savings, and miscellaneous costs as well, you should finalize your decision. However, keep in mind that some landlords have specific requirements when it comes to a tenant’s income.

  1. Check the Water Pressure

Most people forget to check the water pressure, only to find out later that either the house they are renting has issues related to water supply or plumbing. So, when you are going through the property for the first time, check all of the taps and showers. This includes the ones in the bathrooms and the kitchen, which may not work as well as you think they do.

If you detect a problem in the water pressure and have your heart set on the property, you can negotiate the rent before signing the agreement. If you do this after signing, you may have to pay for maintenance out of pocket but, in most cases, this falls under the landlord’s legal obligations.

Thankfully, Bahria Town and has strict rules regarding this and if you work with someone like Nasreen Bilal, you won’t face any issues.

  1. Look Over the Security Deposit

As part of moving in, you will have to set down a security deposit with the landlord. This money is meant to cover the cost of any damages caused during your stay. Find out the exact amount of that deposit and its terms, especially the one related to when your landlord can and cannot keep it.

Usually, the amount has to be returned to the tenant once they move out. For example, the landlord takes a portion to pay for a damaged staircase or broken fixtures that were in perfect condition before the tenant moved in.

Plus, make sure that there are no special provisions in the lease, which can give the landlord more power over that amount than they should have legally.

Call Nasreen Bilal

Nasreen Bilal of NB Real Estate is a leading figure in the Bahria Town real estate business and has worked with several clients who want to sell, buy, and rent out a property. If you wish to buy properties to let or want to increase your portfolio as a real estate investor, contact her by dialing 0334 2077116 or visiting her Facebook page.

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Top 3 Questions You Should Ask a Property Manager

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If you are investing in rental properties, you can reduce your operating costs significantly and increase revenue at the same time by hiring a competent Bahria Town property manager. While you can manage properties yourself, you might lose more money than you make from the rent you receive from tenants. An expert professional who knows how to communicate with them and ensure regular maintenance can help you earn more.

Of course, any manager won’t do. To ensure you choose one that you don’t regret hiring, ask each potential candidate the following questions:

  1. How Can You Improve Cash Flow For My Properties?

In an ideal world, every tenant would pay rent on time, and you can get the best repair deals from every vendor you approach. Unfortunately, the reality is harsher. Even if you think you have the best pricing from a vendor, someone else may offer the same services for a lower price, or renters may fall behind on their rent multiple times a year.

A competent and experienced property manager will not allow things to come to this point by taking all the required steps. These steps include ensuring that each tenant pays the rent on time, controlling expenses by forging relationships with reliable vendors, and ensuring that your properties generate steady cash flow.

  1. Do You Have a Team?

A successful and efficient Bahria Town property manager should have several staff members who can handle grunt work or streamline the services on offer. The more people they have, the better, especially if your properties are spread out across Bahria Town or are numerous.

Of course, even a large team can prove to be incompetent if the members do not have sufficient training or expertise in property management. Make sure that you ask about their credentials and their role in the company so you can get a good idea as to how your assets will be managed.

  1. What Is Your Fee Structure?

In most cases, the amount paid to Bahria Town property managers is based on the rental income that comes from the properties under their care. However, the amount also includes additional charges, such as for maintenance markups, emergency services, finding tenants, evictions, court charges, etc.

To make sure that their clients don’t end up paying for services they don’t need, a reliable property manager will outline a clear fee structure in writing and make it part of the management contract.

Get the Best Property Management Service from NB Real Estate

Nasreen Bilal is well-prepared to be the first line of defense for property owners and investors in Bahria Town. As your go-to service for tenant dispute resolutions and reliable maintenance services, our goal is to ensure our relationship with clients is as transparent and efficient as possible. Call us now at 0334 2077116


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